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Preferred Turbine-3 Conversion Specifications



  • 29,000 Max Takeoff Weight
  • 28,750 Max Landing Weight
  • 195 KTAS Cruise
  • 1170 Nautical Mile Range w/45 minutes Reserve


  • Garmin GNS or GTN GPS/Nav/Coms
  • Garmin GTX Transponders with ADSB
  • Garmin GDL XM weather receivers and GWX onboard Radar
  • Collins PN101 HSI Systems
  • Garmin or PS Engineering Audio Panels
  • Garmin or Honeywell Color Radar
  • Bendix/King KRA Radar Altimeter
  • Bendix/King KR-87 ADF
  • Other avionics options include King or Codan HF with Cell Call, Satellite Phone and tracking systems, Garmin GMX-200 MFD and BF Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope. We can also customize to meet your needs.


  • PT6A-65AR or -67R engines (1424 SHP de-rated to 1230 SHP)
  • 6000 Hour TBO
  • The cowling is easily Removable for Maintenance
  • Power Quadrant set up for the PT6


  • Hartzell 5 Blade Full Feathering and Reversible
  • Electric Heated De-ice Boots
  • Polished Spinners

Flight Controls:

  • Balanced Ailerons
  • Geared Rudder with Servo Tab
  • Stability Augmentation System for Longitudinal Stability
  • Aileron Gap Closure Strips

De-Ice Equipment:

  • Pneumatic Wing and Tail De-Ice Boots
  • Heated Windshields
  • Electrically Heated Inlet Lip Boots
  • Electric Inertial Separator
  • Electrically Heated Pitot Tubes and AOA Vane

Fuel System:

  • 2 Main Tanks and 4 Aux Tanks with 1032 Gallons Useable
  • Dual Boost Pumps in Main Tanks and Individual Transfer Pumps for the Aux Tanks
  • Interconnect System Between all Aux Tanks
  • Crossfeed System
  • Digital and Analog Fuel Indicators with Totalizer

Hydraulic System:

  • 2 Engine Driven Pumps
  • Electric Emergency Pump

Fire Detecting and Extinguisher:

  • Wire Loop Detecting System on Hot Battery Bus
  • 4 Engine Fire Extinguisher Bottles, 2 per side Mounted in the Wheel Wells

Electrical System:

  • Dual 24 Volt 48 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • 9 Bus System with Emergency Hot Bus
  • 250 Amp Starter Generators (400 Amp Optional)

Additional Systems/Options:

  • Goodyear Single Disc Brakes
  • Cabin Bleed Air Heat System
  • Galley with Hot Water and Refrigerator
  • Landing Gear Safety Latch
  • LED Anti Collision, Nav and Strobe Lights
  • Gear Mounted Taxi Lights
  • Payloader Type Fold up Passenger Seats
  • Side Facing Troop Seats
  • CVR
Douglas DC-3 Turbine Conversion

History shows the Douglas DC-3 to be one of the greatest airplanes of all time.

The Preferred Turbine -3 conversion takes this great airplane and makes it even better. With increased speed, higher payload and technical advancements, the Preferred Turbine -3 will get the job done safely and efficiently.